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The Creatures

Welcome to the place of creatures. Here follow a brief explanation on how I make them as it may be interesting to know. I first sculpt the heads, ears, legs and sometime other details like horns in polymer clay that I bake, paint and seal. Most often I also cast them in resin for durability. The bodies are then made with high quality fauxfur that I cut, trim and put togheter over a wire frame - this is what make them posable and able to change position. Lastly I add the final touches, like glossing the eyes, add jewelry or build items that goes along with the creature and so on.

     When all that is done I finally write down their stories. Most often they tell me who they are bit by bit as I create them, but all of them have different personalities just like me and you and while some speak a lot others wont say anything until Im all done. Some may not even wanna tell me anything at all but I wont have that, gotta show I have some artist authority around here, haha. 

So now you have got an overview on the physical aspect of how I create. All of the steps above are very carefully conducted over several hours, days and weeks. Everything is handmade and I often have to  learn new things, but whats what make it fun. And I always put my whole heart and soul into giving each and every creaturers life as best as I can. They are all unique, and so I never make two of the same. Hope you enjoy!

~ Want to read their individual stories? Click their pictures. :) 

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