My name is Linda Escaron Lundqvist, but you can call me Escaron. 

    Im a woman, living in a rural Swedish town surorunded by lakes, forests and mountains, managing a part time job, sharing my home with my lovely tarantulas. 

   Im a woman thats been creative my whole life, bulding stuff, writing a whole lot, but not until spring 2013 I found my missing piece - the art of sculpting and crafting these creatures, and finally I was home.

     Im a woman, and actually in a sense not quite an artist but an instrument, a tool, because the creatures I bring into this world already exist, all around us, everywhere. Invicible for the naked eye, yet there, in the rustling of leaves on a tree, in a gentle breeze over a lake, following you on your way home a starlit night. They come from all over the universe, from different planes, other realities, parallell realms, far away but at the same time so very close. I wait for them to show themselves and tell their stories and then I give them physical form. They are here for us to see, to believe and to bring magic into our lives.

     Im just a person like anybody else, who loves nature, books,

video-games, adventure and the beauty and magic around us.

My hope is that the beings that show themselves through my art

will give you something precious. Maybe there´s that special one

calling to your heart, giving you a thought, a feeling, something

warm and bright that stirr inside? All you have to do is listen. 

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