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Well Hello there. My name is...  actually, you can just call me Escaron. Im Escaron.

    At the moment I excist someplace in a rural Swedish town surorunded by glittering lakes and deep forests. High upon a mountain side, close to both sky and earth.


    But be truthful, you arent really here to read about me, are you? You are here for them. The creatures and beings. The ones I create... or do I?

   ​ Did you know that there are millions of words out there in the universe? All around us. Far away, but at the same time so very near. Different, planes, other realities, paralell realms...and all of them briming with life. With color, magic and wonders. With energies, enteties, with both light and dark. With creatures and beings of all them kinds. 

    And that is where I come in. Im here to give these creatures physical form, to show they exist. That they are all around us, out there, everywhere, even close beside us, invicible for the naked eye yet there in the rustling of leaves on a tree, in a gentle breeze over a lake, following you on your way home a starlit night, watching you from the shadows... And many of them are here for us, to help and support, to believe in, to bring magic, mystery and wonder into our lives. You are never truly alone, the world is not as empy as you may think. Im here to show you just that, with their help, that is my task, that is who I am in all of this.

     Im Escaron, and my hope is that the creatures that I channel, that show themselves through my art will leave you with something. A thought, a feeling, a stirr, maybe a warm whisper in your heart. Something awakening inside. 

    Are you ready?

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