My name is Linda Escaron Lundqvist, but you can call me Escaron. 

    Im a woman, living in a small place in Sweden surorunded by lakes, forests and mountains, managing a part time job, sharing my small basement apartment with my two beautiful tarantulas (plus all of them hundreds basement spiders. Love them too~).

   Im a woman thats been creative my whole life, bulding stuff, writing a whole lot, but not until spring 2013 I found my missing piece - the art of sculpting, and finally I was home. And two years later I also made my first artdoll. I do dab in other things as well, like painting, but sculpting and making artdolls (creatures that have sculpted faces and feet and soft bodies that are posable) is my main joy.

     Im a woman, and actually in a sense not an artist at all, I do not really create my art Im merely a tool in the process, because the creatures I bring into this world already exist, all around us, everywhere. Invicible for the naked eye, yet there, in the rustling of leaves on a tree, in a gentle breeze over a lake, following you on your way home a starlit night. They come from all over the universe, from different planes, other realities, parallell realms, far away but at the same time so very close. I wait for them to show who they are and tell me their stories and then I give their energies physical form, blending a little of this world with theirs. They want to be given form because they are here for a reason - for the people seeing them, for the people bringing them home, for me, for you, maybe for all of us.

     Im just a person like anybody else, who loves nature, books, video-games, adventure and the beauty and magic around us. A woman that is fortunate to have been picked as a tool in the process of building a bridge between this world and all of the ones surrounding us. My hope is that the beings that show themselves through my art will give you something precious. Maybe there´s that special one calling to your heart, giving you a thought, a feeling, something warm and bright that stirr inside? All you have to do is listen. 

©2018 by Escaron Arts